Best Las Vegas Family Outdoor Events in January

January in Las Vegas is nice because the weather isn’t too cold to still participate in outdoor activities. There is always a ton of unique things for families to do when in Vegas, too. So, what Vegas outdoor events are the most entertaining and inexpensive? Below is a list of our top five picks for outdoor activities for children in Las Vegas- especially during January.

1. Mount Charleston. Mount Charleston is an hour drive from the center of Las Vegas. And the drive will really transform your perspective. One goes from seeing desert to seeing large pine trees and dramatic snowfall, yes snowfall! You don’t have to ski to enjoy Mount Charleston. The Resort on Mount Charleston has a wonderful fire pit with decadent hot chocolate that children will enjoy. For the adults there is a wine bar that also serves craft cocktails. Besides enjoying the resort’s drinks, or outside snow, the public library is about fifteen minutes from the resort and is all of three rooms, making it a quaint photo opportunity for the entire family.

2. The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage is technically inside a casino but the habitat itself is outdoors.  Families can come face to face with lions, tigers but no bears, oh my!  Dolphins splash bystanders and there are two reasonably priced gift shops. Another nice feature is the habitat’s snack bar. No fried foods here. Kids have their choice of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or carrot and celery boats with ranch.  Locals do get a discount by flashing a Nevada driver’s license or identification. Did we mention children three or under get in for free? And oh the parent and children ticket prices are under twenty dollars.

3. The Zoological – Botanical Park located at 1775 N. Rancho Drive.  This zoo is three acres and it is a petting zoo, making it a fantastic interactive activity for the entire family. The zoo featured nine-foot tall birds, a lion, wallabies, emus, fossas, chimpanzees and more.  The nice part of the zoo is that it is mommy-friendly. Some places in Vegas make tickets cheap enough but forget the practicalities. The zoo has lots and lots of benches and places to sit. If mommy has to change a diaper, put a child in time-out, or just sit down and rest her bones- it is possible. You don’t have to walk through the entire zoo. You can take your time, which makes this activity a great all-day experience for little ones. January is a great time to walk around too. The weather isn’t scorching hot, allowing kids to focus on the educational aspects of this adventure.

4.Sunset Park – Sunset and Eastern, near the airport. This is one park that has been around almost as long as Vegas has. Again, January is nice enough to enjoy outdoor sports without worrying about heat stroke in little ones. Sunset Park has it all. Ducks to feed, large grassy areas to run (especially with the family pet), well-lit basketball courts, and interesting walking paths. The best part? There is a McDonalds across the street, making an impromptu picnic almost inevitable.

5. The Stratosphere’s Outdoor Deck! Ok, maybe this isn’t ideal for younger kids but for families with kids ten (or older) this activity is affordable and the view is breathtaking. For a small entrance fee, families can ride the fastest elevators in the world to the 109th floor of the famous Stratosphere Tower. The outdoor observation deck features wow-ing views of Las Vegas and its neighboring city.  January is also a perfect time to visit the outdoor deck because Las Vegas’ weather is mostly mild during this month. The summer time can make the outdoor deck unbearable to visit because it is almost five degrees hotter up there compared to walking around on Vegas’ ground level. The indoor deck (108th floor) has snack bars, cartoonist, floor to ceiling windows, and a green-screen photo booth.

Regardless of your choice, you will find that Vegas has amazing weather from January until the end of May.  There are the best months to take advantage of outdoor activities that don’t involve rafts and a swimming pool!